*WINNER* The European Question in America, 1861-1865


  • Summer King


International relations have been a major aspect of almost all countries. Such was the case for the Confederate States of America as they needed foreign recognition to secure their hope of becoming their own country after breaking away from the United States of America. To achieve this, the Confederate government approached Great Britain in hopes of securing diplomatic relations, foreign recognition, and an ally in the American Civil War. On one hand, foreign relations with the Confederate States of America seemed positive due to Confederate cotton. However, the British government ultimately decided that it would be too costly for them to enter into such a position. Ultimately, Great Britain's recognition of the Confederate States of America would have sparked a nationwide famine from the loss of United States wheat, the decline of their international image due to them supporting a country that has institutionalized slavery, and the unrest of the British population due to there being an anti-war consensus after the Crimean War. Thus, the British government decided to keep their relations with the United States rather than formally recognizing or making treaties with the Confederate States of America.