*WINNER* Novel Conservative Reversible Logic Gate Logic Function Implementations with Minimal Garbage


  • Weston Beebe
  • J.W. Bruce


Conservative and reversible logic gates are widely known to be compatible with and exhibit great efficiency on revolutionary computing paradigms such as low power, optical, and quantum computing. The fundamental conservative reversible logic (CRL) gate is the Fredkin gate. Functionally complete, Fredkin gates can implement any digital logic function, including those commonly used in classical computing. While some researchers have used the Fredkin gate to build assorted logic functions, this work describes a systematic study to discover efficient implementations of all two-input and the most common three-input logic functions using both the Fredkin gate and CRL gates of size 4. The results of this study have been observed to have useful results in implementing more than one single primitive logic function in their outputs for specific CRL gate implementations. The garbage outputs that are observed to be useful primitive logic functions will allow for minimized gate counts in the design of a system.






Engineering-Electrical and Computer