*WINNER* Flood risk education in the Trace Creek Watershed using HEC-RAS and ARCGIS story maps


  • Brady England
  • Maci Arms
  • John Brackins


Flooding is an issue that affects communities in the United States and abroad. One such community that was recently impacted by flooding was Waverly, Tennessee. Located in the Trace Creek Watershed, Waverly and the surrounding areas experienced high levels of precipitation in August 2021, leading to major flooding. The impact of the flood was especially felt by this economically disadvantaged community. While prediction efforts could have helped reduce the impact of the flood, Waverly and the surrounding area have limited data required for hydraulic and hydrologic modelling. The goal of this project is to provide an educational tool for the people living in the flood prone areas to have a better understanding of how flooding accumulates and the potential areas of risk using the Trace Creek watershed as a case study.






Engineering-Civil and Environmental